Father’s Day Gifts Ideas 2017 : Fathers Day 2017 USA, UK gifts, ideas

Father’s Day Gifts Ideas 2017 : Fathers Day 2017 USA, UK gifts, ideas : When is Father’s Day 2017, why do we celebrate it and what are the best gifts to buy dad? Father’s Day always takes place in June, but have you lost track of the exact date? All your questions answered.

Father's Day Gifts Ideas 2017

Father’s Day Gifts Ideas 2017 : Fathers Day 2017 USA, UK gifts, ideas

Father’s Day Gifts Ideas 2017 : Shopping for Father’s Day gifts? A great dad deserves a fantastic present, so shop all of the Father’s Day gift ideas to find the one that will make him smile this June. Shop from a variety of gifts that play to his interests. Whether you’re looking for good gifts from a daughter and son or you need a special Father’s Day gift for your husband, Gifts.com offers plenty of great Father’s Day ideas he’ll appreciate for years to come.

Fathers Day 2017 USA : 

When is Fathers Day 2017?

Mother’s Day might feel like it’s only just over, but Father’s Day has now arrived. It is usually held on the third Sunday of June. This year, it falls on Sunday June 18. Father’s Day in 2017 is on Sunday, the 18th of June (18/6/2017). Father’s Day is celebrated by Americans on the third Sunday in June.

How did Father’s Day begin?

The exact origin has been dusputed. Most believe it began with Sonora Dodd, from Washington, who came up with the idea after hearing the Mother’s Day sermon in 1910 and thinking (not without good reason) why the dads didn’t have their own day too.

She and her siblings had been raised by their father after their mum died in childbirth.

Dodd began a campaign…and well, the rest is history.

Other people argue it was Grace Golden Clayton from West Virginia, who suggested celebrating the day in 1908. She apparently put the suggestion forward after a mine explosion in a nearby town killed more than 360 men – the idea being it was a day for children to remember their fathers.

Whatever the reason, we’re glad of it.

What about the rest of the world?

In similar style to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day does vary in date around the world. Here are the dates for your diary if you’re abroad:

  • Russia: February 18
  • Andorra, Bolivia, Honduras, Italy, Portugal, Spain: March 19
  • Germany: May 15
  • Egypt: 21 June
  • El Salvador: 17 June
  • Guatemala: 17 June
  • Haiti: 25 June
  • Jordan, Lebanon: 21 June
  • Lithuania: 4 June
  • Poland: 23 June
  • Dominican Republic: 30 July
  • Brazil: 13 August
  • Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea: 3 September
  • Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden: 12 November

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