Iru Mugan / Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating Story Public Talk 1st Day Collections

Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating Story Public Talk 1st Day Collections : Inkokadu Telugu Movie review, Rating Public talk and Audience response will be updated here. This Movie Ready to hit theatres on 8th Sep 2016 in Andhra And telangana Theaters. Inkokadu movie starring Vikram features Nayanatara and Nithya Menen in lead roles, for the first time Vikram is playing Dual role in this movie. Especially the character named as Love has attracted everyones attention.

Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating

Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating Story Public Talk 1st Day Collections

Inkokkadu Movie Review : Hero Vikram played the dual role in the film. Vikram Show lot of variations in both characters. Especially Love Character get the huge hype on Vikram performance is the main attraction for this film. Inkokkadu movie gets huge buzz with the trailer itself, fans are waiting for film release both languages in Telugu/Tamil.

Inkokkadu Public Talk : 

Hero Vikram had a huge following in Tamil and Telugu languages. Vikram previous film ‘I’ Movie failed to Impress audience and Box Office in Collections. But Vikram got a huge appreciation for ‘I’ Character and terrific Performance.

Hero Vikram is well known that he choose different characters and tries experiment in a Commerical way. His Guts for choosing different roles placed him as a star in both languages. As per Inkokkadu film hero, Vikram plays two roles, one character is Raw Agent and another character as Love. Audiences will definitely enjoy Vikram Performace in theaters. Film Lovers expecting Inkokkadu to be super hit. As per the first talk, Inkokkadu film had a positive talk.

Inkokkadu Movie Story : 

Love is Eccentric Scientist he does Illegal things and attacks Indian Embassy . Vikram and Nithya Menon are played as Raw Agents. Officials hand over this case to Vikram. both Vikram and her support officer Nithya Menon went to Malasia to finish him. But Love is Intelligent and nobody seen him before.

Vikram and Nithya Menon Stars Under Cover Operation and start finding Love. Vikram finds Nayantara (as Helena in the film) and fell in Love with here. During the search, many Important things about Love Illegal Activites are found. How Vikram Find Love? How he finish Love? What happens to Story Next is an Interesting part.

Scenes between Love & Vikram looks tremendous scenes to watch.

Inkokkadu Censor Report : 

Inkokkadu movie recently gets censored by CBFC and rewarded by U/A Certificate.

Inkokkadu Cast & Crew : 

Star Cast: Vikram, Nithya Menon, Nayantara.

Directed by : Anand Shankar.

Produced by : Shibu Thameens.

Music by : Harris Jayaraj.

Cinematography : R. D. Raja Sekhar.

Inkokkadu Live Updates

7:00 : Iru Mugan/Inkokkadu Showtime.

7:10 : Movie opens with Indain Embassy Scenes turning interesting from beginning itself.

7: 18 : Chiyaan Vikram has Introduced as Ex-Under Cover Officer Akhil. Vikram comes with beard look.

7:25 : Vikram is appointed as assistant Investigating Officer and Nithya Menon as Main Case offer. Both Vikram and Nithya started to find the culprits who attacked Indian Embassy.

7: 35 : Most popular Halenna Song is playing , Good Music , Great Visuals added.

7: 40 : Movie is turning to Malaysia mode , Under cover Operation is in progress.

8: 10 : Love Eccentric Scientist Character is Introduced and man Behind Indian Embassy Attack.

8:18 : Love Invented a Speed Drug and Executed well.

8: 20 : With a twist, First half of Iru Mugan/Inkokkadu is good.

________________ Interval ______________________

Vikram is one man show in both characters. as per first half no engaging narration happens. Introduction is fabulous and Nithya Menon Presence is good. Music is Excellent and Background score lifts the film concept. Looking for Second half.

8: 43 : A Brief flash back ON. Love character captures Investigating officer Akhil

9 :00 : Series of Illegal Scenes are happening.

9 : 42 : Movie heading towards climax.

10 :05 : Movie Ended, Iru Mugan movie ended with good climax , but director fails to narrate Story in engaging manner.

Inkokkadu Movie Plus Points

  • Vikram terrific performance.
  • Nithya Menon Acting.
  • Music by Harris Jayaraj.
  • Cinematography.
  • Nayantara screen presence.

Inkokkadu  Movie Minus Points

  • Screenplay.
  • Second half.
  • poor comedy.

Final Verdict

Iru Mugan/Inkokkadu Movie is really new script and executes well. Vikram executes fabulous performance in both characters. For Vikram fans this movie is pakka entertainer. This Weekend  Action oriented romantic drama film go and catch Iru Mugan in nearest theaters. One Time Watchable movie.

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Inkokkadu Movie Trailer

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